Reliance Worldwide


Founded in Brisbane in 1949, Reliance Worldwide originally specialized in the design and manufacture of valves for the control of pressure, temperature and flow used in the installation of water heaters and water heating systems. RMC has introduced many industry firsts, such as tempering and thermostatic mixing valves, pressure limiting valves and other products. Their many global brands such as SharkBite, Heat Guard, Cash Acme, TubeFit and Auspex are just some of their success stories.

Maintaining leadership in this field, RMC has diversified its interests and now offers a total package of water control products and services for domestic and industrial application, together with general plumbing solutions.

RMC proudly adheres to global industry standards and the company markets its products on a world platform, maintaining manufacturing and distribution in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, France, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. RWC have a clear strategy to continuously expand capital investment through high volume automation.

As part of the GSA Group, which employs over 1500 worldwide, with an additional 100 plus new jobs coming to Atlanta, RMC is wholly Australian in both ownership and philosophy.

We put more into every product we make, more experience, more development, more innovation and cutting edge manufacturing technologies. Combine that with a relentless quality control program and you’ve got what sets us apart across our entire product line

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