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Vinidex Pty Limited is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid, data and energy.

Vinidex strategic application of high technology, sound investment, meticulous quality control and inherent qualities of the materials used in manufacturing has established Vinidex as a leading authority in the thermoplastics industry.

Vinidex pipe and fittings systems are used in a broad cross-section of markets including coal seam gas , plumbing, water supply, sewerage, drainage, mining, industrial, irrigation, electrical, and telecommunications. Vinidex is a quality manufacturer and supplier of PVC, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) pipe and a wide range of fittings to provide a complete pipe system solution for these markets. Vinidex has recently added a range of ductile iron pipe to its product offer to allow it to satisfy a wider range of customer demand.

Vinidex is renowned for a commitment towards technical advancement and product innovation. It has extensive programs examining new materials, processing technologies and manufacturing equipment to ensure its continued high standard in the pipes and fittings industry.

Vinidex places high importance in working closely with customers to meet their requirements in product range, product availability, and quality, reliability of supply, innovation and supply chain.


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